My first collab with my friend Ako, also available on all stream platforms
My first collab with Allan Adams and Tirex! This is a lovely tropical house song wich remind us to think about your friend
This is another tropical house remix, i really love Diviners and K391
It’s a chill tropical house track made with Allan Adams, and it was made for sleeping
Other EDM tracks
Glory Bay’s tracks
Big basses, a lot of different melodies, and little voices for the theme
* EP is a little album of maximum 7 tracks, an album can be composed by 7 tracks without being an EP. ** An Exclusive track is an unreleased track which is not finished or simply not distributed (yet).
Exclusive Tracks **
Like drop that bass but with a vocal lead on and there is also with a lot of bass
A new style, it’s G-House, a mix between Rap and House, a lot of basss and tiny rythm
Albums / EP*
This EP is made from all my old projects, the styles I tried to make. It’s from these tracks I have found my own style
An Exclusive Track is available, dm me for getting a preview ;)
If you like wine, it’s your song, it’s very punchy, hope you like it
Here you will be able to see all my tracks, Have a good listening.
Tropical House Tracks
This is my Melbourne bounce remix of Tesla, it’s one of my punchiest drop, hope you will like it
This is another collab with Allan, this is a mix between Moombahton and Tropical House which gives a great chill rythm
A sweet tropical house song, it should give you hope and turns you happy
My tropical house remix of Darkside, same track but I added a lot of melodies and instruments
Remixed Tracks
I made this album with Allan Adams, we’ve worked a lot on it. There is a many styles and many emotions, we hope you like it
Melbourne Bounce Tracks
A new song which is a mix between chill and emotional song, made for the moments when you’re sad or alone
One of my best Remix, A melodic drop wich remind the style of K391 and Alan Walker
It’s one of my best tropical house track, the melody and the rythm are very chill, hope you like it